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Are you looking for Epoxy systems that can be ideal for bund protection and floors that are subject to chemical attack and degradation? Resin Building Products develops, manufactures, and supplies premium and optimised chemical resistant systems that are highly efficient in providing complete protection to floors that are prone to chemical breaches and attacks.
If and when a chemical breach occurs, our specially developed chemical resistant systems can offer ultimate protection that is enabled by carefully engineered resin lining. Our specialised Epoxy flooring solutions can be very useful to help the client safely deal with the chemical spillage and prevent any damages to the flooring.

What We Offer

We offer a range of highly chemical resistant systems and Epoxy flooring solutions along with our specialised range of Resbuild Ultra products. These products are specifically designed and manufactured for application in chemical environments and can provide foolproof protection to the building or flooring against any chemical spillage or attack.
We have an in-house technical section and a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who can offer specific advice on chemical resistance, and help the clients to choose the appropriate systems ideal for their property type. We help our clients get maximum value for their money by avoiding over-specification and also ensure maximum safety.
When talking about our specially engineered Epoxy flooring and chemical resistant systems for commercial buildings, we make use of highly cross-linked Epoxy coatings and resin rich screeds which provide effective protection to flooring and bund lining applications even in the most adverse chemical environments, like providing protection and long term resistance against 96-99% Sulphuric acid.
We also offer a wide range of other chemical resistant systems, which includes our specially developed Resbuild MMA systems. For top quality chemical resistant systems and solutions, talk to Resin Building Products.

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  • Versatile range of chemical resistant systems
  • Top quality
  • Competitive prices
  • Solutions for the most adverse chemical environments
  • In-house technical team and manufacturing facility
  • Attention to client requirements
  • Specialised epoxy flooring solutions for complete protection

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