Durable and optimised resin systems and solutions for industrial flooring UK!

When it comes to industrial flooring UK, the most important factor of consideration is the correct specification. It is vital in the industrial sector. Resin Building Products is a reputed manufacturer of resin based products and commercial flooring solutions including premium industrial flooring for all kinds of requirements. The materials we offer are made to perform under industrial scenarios and offer the best value for money.
Our range of industrial flooring UK and specially developed resin systems are made to fit multiple purposes of applications in a variety of industrial environments. We have specialised resin based dust proofers and industrial flooring solutions that can be extremely sustainable and cost effective treatments for dusting and friable surfaces in industrial environments.
Our specially engineered coating systems offer slip and chemical resistant surfaces as well as excellent durability and aesthetics.

What We Offer

We offer special industrial flooring solutions for all kinds of industrial environments including the more arduous environments. When it comes to industrial flooring UK, we have special trowel applied Epoxy screeds that can provide greater impact and abrasion resistance. We also have a special surface applied Epoxy DPM system, can cope with RH levels of up to 97% and can be utilised to refurbish old floors and fast-track applications on new floors.
In today’s fast track industrial environment, time is of great value and working in industry for over 20 years, we strive to minimise the down-time and lost production with improvised Epoxy and MMA based repair materials that can enable durable repairs to concrete floors and joint edges, and ensure minimum disruption of operations to effectively reduce down-times. We offer premium industrial flooring UK for all kinds of requirements.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to industrial flooring UK, Resin Building Products offers sustainable and cost effective solutions for all kinds of needs and industrial properties. Here is why you should choose us if you need top class industrial flooring solutions and specially engineered Epoxy and MMA based repair materials for industrial properties.

  • Versatile range of solutions
  • In-house technical team who develop sustainable solutions
  • Close attention to details and client requirements
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Advanced modern in-house technical section
  • Tailored solutions for specific client requirements
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Competitively priced items
  • End to end solutions for all kinds of needs
  • Minimum down time and operational disruption

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